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  1. Information about Ordering
  2. Help with personalization
  3. Shipping Information
  4. Customer Service
  5. Help With Your Account
  6. Groupon Customers
  7. Corporate Orders

    Information about Ordering

    1. I just placed my order and I have to change something. What do I do?

      Your order enters our production facility right after it is placed, so that we can provide you with very fast service. For this reason, changes to orders are not permitted. We encourage you to take a few extra moments to review your order before submitting it, to check your spelling and to make sure you haven't left anyone out. If you've made a mistake and need to re-order, we'll be happy to offer you a generous 50% discount to do so.

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    2. Do you charge state tax on orders?

      By Illinois Law, we collect sales tax of 7.25% on the entire purchase amount.

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    3. What is Amazon Checkout?

      The Amazon Checkout option is simply for convenience. By selecting Checkout With Amazon, you are not placing your order on Amazon but logging in to your Amazon account to access your address book and saved payment methods. Please note that Amazon Prime members do not receive free shipping by choosing to checkout through an Amazon account.

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    4. How do I add a Discount/Coupon Code?

      Discount codes may be entered in the Blue Discount Code box that is located under the last item in your Shopping Cart to the left of the checkout button. Please note that only one code may be applied per order and discounts may or may not apply to items already on sale or clearance priced. We will give you the better of the two options using the in-cart price. Coupon codes cannot be applied to previous or pending orders.

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    5. Can my items be gift boxed?

      Our Gift Box Service is available on most personalized gifts. We gently place your gift inside premium white tissue paper, surround it with an elegant black gift box and finish off the gift presentation with a silver bow, all for a just $4.48 per item. If you would like to select this service simply check the Gift Box option for each personalized gift located in your personal shopping cart. Only items which fit in our elegant gift boxes have the gift box service option.

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    6. Can I include a personal gift card?

      Our Gift Box Service is available on most personalized gifts. We gently place your gift inside premium white tissue paper, surround it with an elegant black gift box and finish off the gift presentation with a silver bow, all for a just $4.48 per item. If you would like to select this service simply check the Gift Box option for each personalized gift located in your personal shopping cart. Only items which fit in our elegant gift boxes have the gift box service option.

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    7. How else can I add a personal message with an order?

      Add a brief gift message to let the recipient know this gift is from you. For no charge you can enter a short message that will appear on the packing slip that is included in the package. The packing slip will not include any pricing information. To add this message simply check the ‘This is a Gift’ box located in the Gift Option section of the second step of the checkout.

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    8. Why might my order not be able to be processed?

      For shipping address, enter the address where you would like us to deliver your order. For billing address, be sure to use address of record for your credit card, Paypal or Amazon account. If your billing address doesn’t match your order may not be able to be processed.

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    9. The address I entered is correct but the site will not accept it?

      To ensure that your order is properly delivered we cross reference the addresses provided with the USPS address database. Our website may provide you with a corrected address to match the information listed in the USPS address database. These changes can include correcting abbreviations such as Dr to Drive. To proceed through the checkout you can accept the suggested address or select to use the address as entered. If you have any concerns please feel free to contact us.

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    Help with personalization

    1. How do I personalize my item?

      Fill out the personalization fields provided on the item page. This will allow our production team the necessary information so we may create your personalized gift exactly how you want it. It is important to note that some items do not allow for personalization, in which case you can simply add the item to your cart and it will arrive as shown.

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    2. Can I use special characters in my personalization?

      We apologize, but at this time, we are only able to produce letters and numbers from the English keyboard.

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    3. What does "Any Title Here" mean?

      Wherever you see a product with a title on it such as Grandma or Grandpa or Mom or Dad, you can change the title to almost anything you like. Maybe you call your Grandma, Mamaw, or maybe you'd like the item to say Aunt Sally. In almost every case, the title does not have to be as pictured, simply type in what title you would like.

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    4. Can I have the names on my shirt in a certain order or with specific colors?

      The personalization pattern changes with each design, so we do not offer name placement or color guarantees.

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    5. What if I have only one child or grandchild?

      Don't worry, we automatically change the design. For example: "Grandma's Heavenly Blessings" is changed to: "Grandma's Heavenly Blessing"

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    6. What is preview and how does it work?

      On many items, we offer an electronic representation of what your personalized gift would look like based on the personalization fields you have completed. This is a virtual representation of the final product and is only to be used as a guide of what your gift will look like.

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    7. How Does preview work for Word-Art?

      The preview of Word-Art is computer generated. We do not have control over the placement of the words that have been entered on the order form. You are able to regenerate the preview as many times as you would like. Once you see and approve the layout you like the image will be saved for our staff to print to your item. For this reason we are unable to make any changes to a Word-Art piece.

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    8. Can I enter more characters to my personalization than the site is allowing?

      Character limits can vary from item to item. These limits are intentionally set to maintain visual quality and cannot be exceeded.

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    9. Can I customize my item beyond the options available on the website?

      We make all possible options to personalize your item available on our site. We are unable to offer any further customizations other than those shown on the page of the item.

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    Shipping Information

    1. How long will it take to get my order?

      Using Economy shipping, most orders arrive in 1-2 weeks.
      Using Standard service, most orders are delivered in 5-7 business days. Business days are Monday through Friday excluding major holidays.
      Rush orders are delivered in 3 to 4 business days.
      Express orders are delivered in 2 to 3 business days.
      Urgent orders are delivered in 1 business days.

      Rush, Express and Urgent orders are processed and shipped the next business day.

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    2. How can I check my order status?

      Once an order is shipped from our warehouse, an email confirmation will be sent to the email address on file with your tracking number. If your order was placed online you can check your order status online here. Please note: it may take up to 24 hours for the carriers to show updated order status on your order. If your order was placed through the mail or over the phone please contact us by phone or email and we will gladly update you on the status of your order.

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    3. What is In-Plant Rush?

      In-Plant Rush moves your order to the front of the line for handling within our facility. This service helps expedite your order so it is made super fast without additional shipping fees.

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    4. How will my order ship?

      GiftsForYouNow.com ships orders to arrive promptly via UPS, FedEx or USPS. Orders delivered to IL and IN may be delivered by UDS

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    5. What are shipping charges?

      Order SubTotal







      $0 - $9.99







      $10 - $19.99







      $20 - $29.99







      $30 - 44.99







      $45 - $59.99







      $60 - $74.99







      $75 - $99.99







      $100 - $149.99







      $150 - $199.99







      $200 - $299.99







      $300 - $499.99







      $500 - $999.99







      Over $1000







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    6. Rush Shipping:

      Do you require your gift to arrive quickly? We offer faster shipping methods.

      Rush Service (3-4 day Delivery) - Add $8.00 to Premium Ground Shipping Charges;
      Express Service (2-3 day Delivery) - Add $14.00 to Premium Ground Shipping Charges;

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    7. I want to order by mail. What address should I send my mail order to?

      Mail orders should be addressed to:
      10305 Argonne Dr
      Woodridge, IL 60517

      Download an Order Form by clicking here.

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    8. Can I ship my order Internationally?

      We ship to the United States and Canada only. If ordering for another country, you may wish to ship the item to someone in the USA who will then forward the item for you. Shipments to Canada may be subject to Taxes, Tariffs and Duties and the recipient is responsible for all of these charges.

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    9. Can I ship to multiple address?

      Orders can only be shipped to one shipping address. Multiple items on an order cannot be separated for shipping.

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    Customer Service

    1. There's a problem with an order I received. What do I do?

      GiftsForYouNow.com makes is a priority to make shopping for personalized gifts as easy and effortless as possible. We put quality service first, so we take every measure that we can to ensure that your order is made with care correctly and sent to you in a timely fashion. We are proud of the products that we create and want to do everything that we can to make our customers happy.

      Unfortunately, everyone (including us) makes mistakes sometimes, and we want to do everything that we can to fix them! If you see anything defective or incorrect with the item you received, please call us toll-free at 866-443-8748 or email us at [email protected]. We may request a photo of the item you have received for review so that we can offer the best possible resolution for you. If a return is authorized you may return your item to us in its original packaging within 30 days of receipt for a an exchange or refund. We do not refund shipping costs or the cost of return shipping. If your item arrived as ordered with no defects or mistakes, we are unable to accept the item for a return

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    2. Can I add names to an item that I already have?

      We're not able to add names to an existing item. However, if you've purchased an item from us in the past year and want to add names, we'll be happy to make another for you at a discounted price. Doing so will allow you to keep the original item, and not spend any time, trouble or money to ship it back to us. Simply call us, toll-free, at 1-866-443-8748 to arrange for a discounted replacement.

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    3. How can I contact you?

      Click on the Contact Us link in the Customer Service menu.

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    Help With Your Account

    1. How do I change or recover my password

      Changing your password is simple. After logging in to your account, click on the ‘My Account’ link then select ‘Change Password’. Here you will enter your current password and new password. Once you have entered the new password, click on Save Changes and your password will be changed. If you have forgotten your password, you may click the link and follow the prompts to get a new temporary password.

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    2. How do I change my email address

      The email address provided on your account is used for order and shipping confirmations, emails regarding any questions we may have about your order as well as email coupons and promotions. Changing the email address on your account is simple. After logging in to your account, click on the "My Account" link then select "Change Email". Here you can provide a new email address for these communications. Please note that your username will not change by changing the email address on the account.

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    Groupon Customers

    1. Where can I find my Groupon Voucher code?

      A Groupon voucher code can be located by logging in to a Groupon account and clicking on ‘My Groupons’. The Groupon voucher code will being with the letter G, contain letters and numbers and is between 7-20 characters in length

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    2. How do I provide the personalization for my item?

      After receiving a voucher code from Groupon.com visit, www.GiftsForYouNow.com. Once on the site, locate the item the voucher is valid for and enter the desired personalization.

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    3. My voucher is good for multiple items. How do I add more than one to my cart?

      If a voucher is valid for more than one item and would like the desired personalization is to be the same on the items, simply change the number next to the ‘Add to Cart’ button to the number being ordered. If different personalization is wanted on the items they will need to be added to the cart separately.

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    4. Where do I enter my Groupon voucher code?

      A Groupon voucher code may be entered in the blue discount code box. This is located in the shopping cart, under the last item in the cart on the left side of the screen. Please be sure to click the 'Apply' button after entering the code.

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    5. I have more than one voucher code, can they all be applied to one order?

      Only one code may be applied per order. Individual orders will need to be placed for each voucher code.

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    6. I have a coupon code from GiftsForYouNow.com. May I apply this code to my order?

      Discount codes may not be combined with Groupon voucher codes.

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    7. Why is the site asking for my billing information?

      Voucher codes do not include shipping costs. Shipping costs will need to be paid at the time of voucher redemption.

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    Corporate Orders

    1. Personalization

      Add your corporate or team logo and optional text to any of our products.

      You can also arrange for individual personalization by contacting us.

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    2. Samples

      We will mock up your item and send you a visual proof to approve before production. Please allow a day or two for this step.

      We can also send you a physical sample for your review. This is charged at regular retail price, which is credited toward your later purchase.

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    3. Price

      Pricing for most items is based on volume. Each item shows pricing tiers.

      There is also a $39 setup fee assessed for order mockup.

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    4. Gift message and order options

      Your items will be packaged for protection of each item. For individual packaging requests, such as labels, gift cards, etc. please contact us.

      You can have a branded gift card added to your order for a small fee.

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    5. Lead time

      Please allow enough time for us to get your approval on the product, produce it, and ship it. We move quickly and we can expedite upon request.

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    6. Shipping

      For large orders, we may assess a surcharge to ship the goods to you. This is mainly for multi-box larger orders. We will contact you after you place your order.

      We also offer individual ship-to addresses. Each package can contain a brief gift message. For this request, please contact us.

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