5 Unique Gifts for Baseball Lovers

As the weather gets crisper this fall, the Major League Baseball season is reaching its most exciting point: the World Series. This is the time of year where it’s most important to demonstrate team spirit. Help the baseball fan in your life show their love of the game with these unique gifts for baseball lovers.

Baseball Word-Art T-Shirt

Personalized Baseball Shirt

Baseball Word-Art T-Shirt


This is a great gift for the baseball fan who already has all the common signifiers of fandom. The style of this word-art shirt allows for a unique presentation with the wearer’s favorite baseball terminology or words to describe America’s favorite pastime.


Baseball Pillowcase

Personalized Sports Pillowcase

Personalized Baseball Pillowcase


For the person you know who has baseball on their mind at all waking hours, this pillowcase will keep it on their mind even while they’re sleeping! This unique baseball-seams design is featured on a very soft polyester microfiber pillowcase. Does the sports fanatic in your life prefer other sports over baseball? We also offer this product for football, basketball, soccer, hockey, and tennis fans.


Baseball Relative T-Shirt

Personalized Baseball Shirt

Baseball Relative T-Shirt


Know someone who loves cheering on their kids or grandkids at baseball games? This is the perfect shirt for them! Personalize with the wearer’s title (dad, grandma, etc.) and the names of the baseball players they love to watch for an extra-special gift that can be proudly worn for many seasons to come.


Baseball Jersey Ornament

Personalized Baseball Ornament

Personalized Baseball Jersey Ornament


Help the baseball player in your life show off their love of the game around the holidays with this Christmas ornament. Personalize with the recipient’s name and jersey number for a lasting keepsake they’ll proudly hang on the tree year after year.


Dad’s All-Star Team Shirt

Personalized Baseball Shirt for Dad

Dad’s All-Star Team T-Shirt


All of dad’s kids are all stars in his book! Let him showcase that fact to the world with this awesome t-shirt. Feature all of his kids’ names with cute corresponding stick figures holding baseball equipment.

Whether your team is still in the running or not, we hope you enjoy these ideas of gifts for baseball lovers. Interested in checking out the selection of baseball-themed ornaments we have to offer at GiftsForYouNow? Take a look here!

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How Your House Can Rock Halloween This Year

Whether we choose to acknowledge it or not, every year there’s a competition between neighbors to see who can be the crowd favorite at Halloween. Maybe it’s not important for you to really engage in an intense battle against your neighbors for Halloween this year, but here are some areas to focus on for a positive outcome.


Halloween decorations


Whether you want to put out a few basic decorations or get a fog machine to make your front-yard graveyard extra spooky, decorations are a major factor in determining your house’s Halloween reputation. Here are some examples of people who really went all in with their Halloween decorations; maybe you can pick up some ideas for your own house?



Personalized Halloween Candy Bowl


Everyone knows that kids love candy. So rule number one is: don’t disappoint the trick-or-treaters who stop at your house. King-sized chocolate bars or a delicious variety of the most popular treats are sure to impress. Another way to show off your family’s passion is by using a unique candy bowl. We love this “Eat, Drink and Be Scary” personalized candy bowl.



One great way to add to your Halloween atmosphere. Most kids aren’t treated to spooky music as they trick-or-treat, so you can really make your house a memorable stop with some well-chosen tunes. Looking for ideas? You can’t go wrong with a great horror movie soundtrack. Here’s a ranking of some all-time favorites.



Halloween Spooky Doormat


Some good-spirited scares are part of what makes Halloween so unique and fun. One classic approach is to have someone dress up in a scary costume and sit motionless near where the trick-or-treaters will pass by, popping up when they’re not expecting it. If you’ve got a bigger Halloween budget, take a look at these scary animatronic displays that will definitely creep out trick-or-treaters this year.

However you decide to enjoy Halloween this year, we hope it’s a great day filled with fun and festivity. Looking for some fun personalized decorations for fall? Shop GiftsForYouNow’s wide selection of fall decorations and other goodies!

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2018’s Top Personalized Christmas Gifts

Christmas talk already? It may sound unusual to be considering Christmas gifts in September, but time can really fly, especially toward the end of the year. Plus, wouldn’t it be nice to take care of some of your Christmas tasks before things get hectic so you can enjoy the holidays? We think so too. Here’s […]

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2018’s Essential Personalized Fall Decor

This past Saturday marked an important day for 2018: the first day of fall! It’s pretty easy to see why so many people consider fall to be their favorite season. With Halloween, football, beautiful weather, and leaves changing colors (just to mention a few), autumn is a wonderful time of year. Now the question is, “Are […]

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Personalizable Jewelry for Mom

With Mother’s Day coming up, now is the time to start thinking about the best way to honor the woman who brought you into this world. Mother’s Day is a time to be with Mom and give her a day off from all of her hectic motherly duties. Mother’s Day is also a great time […]

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One-Of-A-Kind Mom Shirts

Any mom will tell you that her children are her pride and joy. And moms absolutely LOVE telling everyone how important and fantastic their kids are! From pictures in her purse to honor roll stickers on her car bumper, there are tons of great ways for Mom to show off her kids. With Mother’s Day […]

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Mother’s Day Gifts

          If there is one group that does not get enough credit for all that they do, it’s Moms. From feeding us, to clothing us, to giving us endless amounts of love; Moms deserve to be honored! That is why every year, on the second Sunday of May, sons and daughters […]

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