5 Fun Christmas Activities to Enjoy This Holiday Season

There’s no denying that there’s something special in the air around the holidays. People tend to be in a good mood, there’s more time to spend with friends and loved ones, and there are all kinds of delicious foods to eat. But sometimes getting stuck in the same annual routine can get a little bit stale. We’ve compiled a list of some fun Christmas activities that you can do to make your Christmas season extra special this year.

Cookie Exchange Party


Seriously, who doesn’t love Christmas cookies? The only downside is that it can require a lot of time and effort to bake all of your favorites. One way to get around this is by hosting a cookie exchange or cookie swap party. Here’s a helpful guide to get you totally prepared for the occasion. The idea is that each invitee can bake their best cookies, and then by pooling all the contributions, everyone can widely sample the delicious results and take home some of their favorites. Looking for a festive and personalized cookie jar to transport your baked creations this season?


Elf on the Shelf


If you have kids, you may be aware of Elf on the Shelf already. If you’re not familiar, this can be a terrific way to get your younger children into the spirit of the holidays. The elf is a children’s book character and doll that you can place around the house in different locations for your kids to find each day. Since it can be hard to be creative every day throughout the holiday season, here are some unique ideas to keep you going.


You’ve Been Elfed Neighborhood Game


This holiday game goes by some different names, such as You’ve Been Jingled, but it is essentially a way to spread good cheer to your neighbors. By putting together a small gift basket (along with a copy of one of these printables to explain the game) and stealthily dropping it off at your neighbor’s door, the goal is to start a chain of gift-giving.


White Elephant Gift Exchange


Gift-giving can get pricey around the holidays, no doubt. Having a White Elephant party can give your December budget a little more breathing room. Going by other names, such as Dirty Santa, this gift exchange can play out in a number of different ways. The idea is to have fun without spending much money and still send everyone home with a gift. Some people love to give hilariously bad gifts, while others might prefer to bring a cheap but practical item. To help you get started, read through these useful tips for setting up a White Elephant gift exchange.


Christmas Movie Marathon Party


There are so many wonderful Christmas movies to enjoy. Unfortunately, all too often we can get so caught up in the hectic nature of the holidays that we forget to devote some time to truly relaxing and savoring this special time of year. One way to avoid this is to host a Christmas movie marathon party. Invite friends or family and have them select a few of their favorite Christmas movies that everyone can watch together. Order in some food or enjoy some Christmas cookies and hot chocolate. You can even set out some board games for people to play while they watch.

We hope you try some of these fun Christmas activities to make your holiday season extra festive and fun. From us at GiftsForYouNow to your family, have a truly fantastic Christmas. If you’re seeking out thoughtful personalized gifts, we have hundreds of unique options to choose from!

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Photo Gift Ideas for Christmas

We can all appreciate that some Christmas gifts are more special and memorable than others. Though you might be happy to get that new pair of socks, the memory of receiving it may not do much to excite you after a few days. However, some types of gifts are more special. Photo gifts are a great way to give someone a unique and memorable gift that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. Fortunately, we have a wide variety of personalized gifts that you can make extra special with the addition of a photo. Here are some of our favorite photo gift ideas for Christmas.

Memorial Photo Garden Flag

Personalized Photo Memorial Garden Flag

In Loving Memory Photo Memorial Garden Flag


Losing a dear loved one is always a difficult process, but finding ways to cope and remember all the good times you had with them can make a huge difference. This memorial garden flag is unique in that it features a photo of your departed loved one. Select the photo you most want to remember them by, then further personalize your flag with their name and memorial dates. This beautiful flag can wave in your garden for many years to come.


Personalized Photo Key Chain

Personalized Photo Key Chain

Personalized Photo Key Chain


Many of us have a set of keys on our person just about all the time. Now you can make someone on your Christmas shopping list smile every time they start their car, unlock their front door, or grab their keys before going out.


Pet Photo Ornament

Unique Photo Pet Ornament

Picture Perfect Pet Photo Ornament


Who doesn’t love showing off their pet? With so many adorable pictures to choose from, pick your favorite to go on this ornament that can be proudly hung from the Christmas tree for many years to come.


Custom Photo Mouse Pad

Personalized Photo Mouse Pad

Custom Photo Mouse Pad


Great for students or those who spend much of their workday at a computer, this mouse pad can be personalized with a photo of your choice. Brighten someone’s day each time they log onto their computer!


Engraved Custom Message Picture Frame

Personalized Picture Frame

Engraved Custom Message Silver Picture Frame


There are so many ways to make this a terrific gift. Whether you want to choose a photo of the grandkids for their grandma, a family photo for a close friend, or some other idea, the recipient is sure to be impressed. Customize the silver frame with a unique message of your choice.

We hope all of these photo gift ideas inspire a lovely gift for somebody on your list this year. Interested in looking through more unique personalized gift ideas? We have a large selection of Christmas-themed apparel to browse.  

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Christmas Tree Decorating Tips

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Finding Unique Christmas Gifts on a Budget

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