2 Free Printable Father’s Day Certificates

Dads do so much for their kids, so it always feels great for their effort to be recognized. Father’s Day is the perfect occasion to make sure you show the dad or grandpa in your life how much you love them and appreciate what they do for you! A special gift is a must, but another nice touch is a cute printable Father’s Day certificate his kids can write on and give to him. We developed two free printables: one for young kids and the other for kids who are a little bit older. Print the certificate you want, have your little one write their answers (give them a hand if they need it!), and you’ll have something to present to Dad that he’s sure to want to hang on to as a treasured keepsake.

Father’s Day Fill-in-the-Blank Printables

This first printable is great for young kids:

free printable Father's Day certificate for little kids


Click here to print!


This printable is perfect for children who are a little bit older:

free printable Father's Day certificate for kids


Click here to print!


Other Father’s Day Ideas

Father's Day photo keepsake

Acrylic Photo Keepsake


Father's Day coffee mug

Personalized Coffee Mug for Grandpa


Give Dad his completed certificate along with a favorite treat of his, like maybe a batch of his favorite homemade cookies. You’ll also want to include a sweet Father’s Day gift, and we can help you out there, too! We have hundreds of personalized Father’s Day gifts, from shirts and drinkware to picture frames and man-cave decor. Whatever type of guy your dad is, you’ll be able to find something he’ll appreciate! Here are some fun ideas to get you started!

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13 Fun Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Fathers play such an important role in shaping who we grow up to be. They’re there to teach us, guide us, make us laugh, and so much more. This Father’s Day, make sure your dad knows how much you appreciate everything he does for you! We’ve rounded up some fun Father’s Day gift ideas to help you find something special.

When is Father’s Day?

Father’s Day falls on Sunday, June 16 this year. Don’t delay in finding a special gift to show your dad how much you love him!

Personalized Backyard Sign

Personalized Wall Sign

Grillin and Chillin Wall Sign


If your dad loves spending time in the backyard grilling up summer BBQ fare for his friends and family, this may be the perfect gift for him. Personalize it to feature his name as well as the city and state, and he can hang this 13″ PVC sign either indoors or outdoors.


Fix It T-Shirt

Dad Shirt with Tools

Daddy Fix It T-Shirt


Some dads are able to fix anything and everything. This shirt conveys that idea in a fun way. You can purchase this shirt in white, ash grey, or light blue and personalize the title to read “Dad,” “Daddy,” or whatever he prefers to be called.


Glass Football Tumbler

Dad Football Tumbler

Engraved Football Glass Tumbler


Lots of dads love football and beer. This gift simultaneously addresses both passions, along with a nice personalization. Get your dad something he can proudly drink from at the tailgate or when his friends come over to watch the game. This glass tumbler holds 23 ounces of his favorite beer.

If he’s not a big football fan, we have many other items that will be appreciated. Check out our huge selection of bar gifts for some more ideas.


Grill Master Platter

Grillmaster Platter for Dad

Personalized Grill Platter


This personalized grill platter is perfect for the dads who love to throw down at barbecues. Let your dad know that he’s earned the official title of Grill Master with our personalized 13” x 9” ceramic platter that comes complete with his name. He’ll get a lot of use out of this gift this summer, and you’ll retain bragging rights for giving him such a cool gift!


Man Cave Wall Sign

Personalized Man Cave Sign

Man Cave Wall Sign


Dads need a place in the house where they can wind down and do the things they love. Whether it’s a spot for them to blast music, read a book in peace and quiet, or play a game of pool with friends, the man cave is sacred territory. Our man cave wall sign measures 20” x 5” and comes with holes so it can be easily mounted on the wall.


Grandpa’s Keepers T-Shirt

Personalized Grandpa Shirt

Grandpa’s Keepers T-Shirt


Don’t forget to show grandpa some love on Father’s Day, too! If your grandpa loves to spend his days by the water reeling in his next big catch, he’ll love this shirt. Featuring up to 30 names of his grandkids (AKA his “keepers”), this shirt comes in a variety of color options. Click here for a look at more of our Father’s Day items for grandpas.


Personalized Ice Cream Bowl

Dad's Ice Cream Bowl

Personalized Ice Cream Bowl


With Father’s Day placed just as ice-cream-eating season is getting underway, this gift is great for multiple reasons. Pick up a few pints of your dad’s favorite ice cream so he can try out his new bowl right away!


Custom Picture Frame

Father's Day Picture Frame

We Have a Hero We Call Him Daddy Frame


Fathers love showing off their families, so give your dad a special picture frame to do the job. This 8″ x 10″ frame can hold either a 3.5″ x 5″ or 4″ x 6″ photo. It features an easel back for easy desk display as well as holes if he’d prefer to mount it on the wall. Let dad know that he’s a hero!


Monogram Golf Ball Set

Monogram Golf Ball Set

Personalized Golf Ball Set


If your dad loves to golf, then a gift he can enjoy while playing is sure to be a hit! You’ll receive six name-brand golf balls customized with his initials. He’ll be proud to use them on his next golf outing! They also work well as decorations in an office or man cave.


Daddy Established Mug

Coffee Mug for New Dad

Daddy Established Mug


Whether he’s a new dad or has been for decades, our Daddy Established mug allows him to show off his kids’ names and birthdates. Perfect for his morning cup of coffee, this 11-ounce mug can feature the names and birthdays of up to six kids.


Engraved Watch Box

Watch Box for Dad

Engraved Dad Watch Box


Our engraved, cherry-wood watch box offers a practical and elegant way to store up to four of dad’s favorite watches. Each box features the inscription, “No matter how tall we get, we will always look up to you.” Give it a special touch by adding the names of his little ones so he’ll always think of them when he’s putting on one of his watches.


Embroidered Backpack Cooler

Monogram Backpack Cooler

Embroidered Backpack Cooler


Perfect for weekends spent enjoying outdoor activities, this backpack cooler is an affordable gift that can get a lot of use. Customize it with your dad’s initials (or just “DAD”). This roomy bag has enough capacity to hold about twenty cans of dad’s favorite drink. You won’t have to worry about him getting thirsty when he’s out having fun! This backpack comes in black or red.


Engraved Round Flask

Monogram Flask

Personalized Round Flask


Give dad a nice flask so he can sip in style. This round flask holds 4.5 ounces of his favorite drink and will be customized with his initials.


Other Fun Father’s Day Gift Ideas for Different Types of Dads

Sports fanatic: Take him out to the ballgame! For a baseball fan, you can’t go wrong with a beautiful day spent at the ballpark.

Movie buff: Treat your dad to lunch and then go with him to a movie he’s been wanting to see. Alternatively, you could order some food in and arrange a double feature of his favorite movies!

Techie: For dads who enjoy using new gadgets, smart home devices are hot right now. If he doesn’t yet have a smart home system, that could be a great gift. If he already has one, look for something he can integrate with it, like a smart thermostat system.

Car lover: Take him to the race track for a racing event! If you want to splurge, you could even see if any nearby tracks offer the opportunity to rent a fast car to take around the track for an afternoon.

History buff/bookworm: Going to dinner and trivia night at one of his favorite bars or restaurants would be lots of fun. If he prefers to stay in, an e-reader can also be a good book for dads who would appreciate the having all of their books conveniently accessible.

Thanks for reading, and have a great Father’s Day! With your thoughtful selections, these fun Father’s Day gift ideas can help to make him feel loved. The next time you need unique personalized gifts for virtually any occasion, remember to visit GiftsForYouNow.

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